Printing at Mylan Elementary…

This week I participated in two events at Mylan Park Elementary School in Morgantown. On Tuesday, I talked with Mylan students during their annual career week. Every year Mylan Elementary asks speakers to talk about their careers as engineers, doctors, first responders, scientists, everything! It is always fun to get a chance to tell students about being an artist and printmaker, and the questions and comments I get are always hilarious!


This year, I added a printing component to the talk. Every 4th Grader was able to make a quick WVU Printmaking silkscreen at the end of the talk…


The students showing off their work…

Then on May 17th, WVU Printmaking students helped run a printing session during Mylan Elementary’s end of the year “Walk Around the Park” event. This was similar to what we did with North Elementary students a year ago.


A line building for the silkscreen printing session at Mylan Elementary…


We brought four screens with four different designs burned in them…students (and parents) could then choose what designs to print and in what order…



WVU Printmaking Graduate student Stephanie Alaniz helping a young Mylan student with their print…


WVU Printmaking student Christina Kang helping a student with their print before leaving Morgantown to attend graduate school at Northern Illinois University. Congratulations Christina!


And first year WVU Printmaking Graduate student Feliks Pyron helping a Mylan student with their print…


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