“Poetry, Pastels, and Pollinators” at North Elementary…

"Poetry, Pastels, and Pollinators" was a semester long collaborative project with teachers from North Elementary and community members funded by a West Virginia Division of Culture and History STEAM grant. This project went from September 2018-May 2019, many different instructors and artists made multiple visits with students over this time. There were three main aspects... Continue Reading →


Girl Scouts Comics workshop…

Last night capped off a two day comic project with a local Girl Scouts troop. This is actually the second workshop I have conducted with this troop. First was a short conversation about comics...we learned about artists like Alison Bechdel and Lynda Barry, the comic book burnings and bans in America in the 1950’s and... Continue Reading →

WVU Glass Case Exhibition: Trishelle Jeffery

We are continuing our recent tradition of asking current MFA students or emerging artists from around the country to show their work in our glass cases. Today I am SUPER excited to announce that we have Trishelle Jeffery’s work in our glass classes! Trishelle currently lives and works in Salt Lake City at Saltgrass Printmakers,... Continue Reading →

Printing at Skyview Elementary…

Today saw the completion of a two day relief printmaking workshop with students from Skyview Elementary this week. On day one of the workshop, students drew images on paper with black marker. I also brought two linoleum blocks already cut with some WVU Printmaking logos for students to print. I then went back to the... Continue Reading →

Althea Murphy-Price visiting artist…

This week we were so lucky to have a visit from printmaker Althea Murphy-Price. Althea received an MA in Printmaking and Painting from Purdue University and her MFA in Printmaking from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. As a Professor of Art at the University of Tennessee, she is one of three printmaking faculty... Continue Reading →

Benjy Davies visiting artist…

Today we were so lucky to have a visit from Professor of Art Benjy Davies! Benjy teaches at the University of Rio Grande in Ohio. He brought his great sense of humor, kindness, and wisdom as he discussed his career making lithographs, taught us how to draw with sticks, and gave a demonstration about printing... Continue Reading →

UPDATE…New work!

I have recently completed a series of prints for my solo show in the Greer Museum at the University of Rio Grande. The matrices for these prints were all made using the new laser engraver purchased for the WVU Printmaking Program. This new series dramatically expands on the work I started a year or two... Continue Reading →

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