My work is centered on issues of communication and different forms of reproduction. It is my intention to make artwork that can be ambiguous and possibly contradictory, instead of obvious and certain. I use familiar imagery in ways that create an interactive relationship between the viewer and artwork in order to generate multiple interpretations, questions, and dialogue.

In 2005 I began to address how artists and writers communicate through comics. Currently, all my images are taken directly from “The Invincible Iron Man” comic book, volume 01, issue 178, published in 1982. It is a different kind of super hero issue. Never in this story does the super hero Iron Man ever directly appear. Instead, this issue is split into two different story lines. The first is about a group of neighborhood kids who dress up like their favorite super heroes and protect the streets from bullies and the like. The second is about Tony Stark, the original Iron Man, who recently gave up his super hero life to deal with his failing multibillion-dollar business and his alcoholism.

Comics rely on both text and graphic images to make a storyline move along. By eliminating certain aspects of both characteristics I can begin to deconstruct the entire book. I believe this process begins to call into question how one reads comics and focuses on how presentation affects the way one interprets comic signifiers. These “incomplete” talk bubbles and images provide an opportunity for the viewer to engage with what is provided and to complete the image with her own preconceived notions. The meaning of this work emerges from a unique dialogue between the artwork and viewer. I believe these images can make us consider our stereotypes as we imagine the characters, settings, and words missing from these scenes.

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