Class visit from Olivia Richardson and Becci Spruill of the Radical Intersectional Printmakers Guild

This week we hosted printmakers Olivia Richardson and Becci Spruill to talk about their work and the Radical Intersectional Printmakers Guild. This was such a great way to end the semester, excellent conversation about the realities of being an artist outside of school, finding one’s artistic voice, and being a part of a supportive artistic... Continue Reading →

New work for “Routine Maintenance” portfolio and exhibition…

A just completed a new CMYK screenprint for Andrew Kozlowski’s print exchange “Routine Maintenance”. About the project: “Each artist will be assigned an hour of the day and create a new print that in some way represents that hour.  The idea of each hour is simply a starting point.” I found this image from an old... Continue Reading →

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