Class visit from Olivia Richardson and Becci Spruill of the Radical Intersectional Printmakers Guild

This week we hosted printmakers Olivia Richardson and Becci Spruill to talk about their work and the Radical Intersectional Printmakers Guild. This was such a great way to end the semester, excellent conversation about the realities of being an artist outside of school, finding one’s artistic voice, and being a part of a supportive artistic community.

Olivia and Becci were recently featured in an episode of the printmaking podcast “Pine.Copper.Lime”.

Olivia is also an alumni of the WVU Printmaking Program and is currently at the University of Arizona for graduate school.

Another virtual talk that not only featured an alum, but had alumni from all over the country attend.
Some of Becci’s printed work…
More of Becci’s work…I would love to see these in person!
Some of Olivia’ recent graduate research into racial stereotypes in cartoons…
After talking about their own work individually, Becci and Olivia talked about the RIPG…
I’m so impressed by Becci and Olivia, and ALL the volunteers who have helped make the RIPG a reality. Really excited to see what else the RIPG will do in the future.

A HUGE thank you to Olivia and Becci for taking time to talk to our students and printmaking family all over the country!


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