Graduate Seminar…

This semester I am teaching the Graduate Seminar class for the School of Art and Design. This class is designed for all of our grads to take, MFA and MA, and is centered around a theme. My theme this semester is "Conversations". Every student is required to invite an interesting person to talk with our... Continue Reading →

“Comic Configurations” at Fairmont State University…

Today I finished installing the latest iteration of my "Comic Configurations" exhibition at Fairmont State University. The exhibition will be up from Sept. 21 to Oct. 16th. I will be giving a talk about the history of comics and their relationship to contemporary art on Sept. 30 at 6pm. Jeremy Entwistle giving me a much... Continue Reading →

The Chileans come to Pittsburgh!

This week marked the second half of planning for the big AIR/Taller 99 exchange. Our new friends from Chile; Daniela, Isabel, and Raphael came to Pittsburgh to visit AIR, discuss the details of the project and visit some of Pittsburgh's best cultural institutions. Tuesday night ended with a get together at AIR...Isabel and Raphael from... Continue Reading →

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