The Chileans come to Pittsburgh!

This week marked the second half of planning for the big AIR/Taller 99 exchange.

Our new friends from Chile; Daniela, Isabel, and Raphael came to Pittsburgh to visit AIR, discuss the details of the project and visit some of Pittsburgh’s best cultural institutions.


Tuesday night ended with a get together at AIR…Isabel and Raphael from Taller 99 in the foreground…so great to see them again…


David Fraher, from Arts Midwest, toasting the occasion…


The next day started at the Warhol Museum…Pittsburgh artist and long time friend of AIR Maritza Mosquera and AIR Director Bob Beckman under Andy…


Another long time friend of AIR, Dutch artist Stephan Hoffman was asked to create a site specific work for the doors and windows…


We had a great meeting and tour with Warhol Museum Director Eric Shiner. He was tremendously generous with his time…


Printing in the education studio downstairs…


Then we were lucky to get a tour of the Mattress Factory with Co-Director Michael Olijnyk, seen here in the doorway of the Yayoi Kusama installation


We were able to see some work in-progress…


John Pena’s gigantic talk bubble being sold in small parts…



A great couple of days with some new and old friends…I hope this does NOT mark the last time I get to see everyone from Taller 99, so until next time!


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