Printing at the WVU Art Museum…

The Art Museum of WVU is officially open! It has been years in the making, and now it is a reality!

It is so exciting to have this resource available for our students, faculty, and Morgantown residents. There were many festivities planned for the opening week of the museum, and on Saturday the WVU Print Club participated in Family Day, printing t-shirts on demand.


The printmakers: Jake Guzan, Brett Herron, Allison Blair, Jessica Poole, Leslie Norris and myself…getting ready for the day.


Leslie’s design…


Jessica’s design…


It was a really busy day, people consistently streamed into the museum all day…


The Print Club put in a full day too, four straight hours of printing…they printed hundreds of t-shirts…


Just a sampling of the drying rack…


Brett helping run a shirt…


Adults got into printing as well…


Representatives from the puppetry program here at WVU showed up as well…


There were face-painters on hand, painting designs based on work in the museum…if you look close, you will see the artist has a Willie Cole inspired design on her face, awesome…


A big area was designated for chalk drawing…

A big thank you obviously goes out to my students for volunteering a Saturday to be a part of this great day, and to Museum Director Joyce Ice and Curator Robert Bridges for asking us to be here. We had a ton of fun! Thank you.


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