Visiting Artist at the University of Rio Grande (part two…)

I just got back from visiting the University of Rio Grande. Benjy Davies, Professor of Art and Chair-School of Arts and Letters, invited me to show my work at the Greer Museum and conduct a mini-comics workshop with local high school students. This was the second half of this visit, about a week and a... Continue Reading →

UPDATE…New work!

I have recently completed a series of prints for my solo show in the Greer Museum at the University of Rio Grande. The matrices for these prints were all made using the new laser engraver purchased for the WVU Printmaking Program. This new series dramatically expands on the work I started a year or two... Continue Reading →

WVU Faculty and Alumni spotlight…

Recently the WVU College of Creative Arts published a spotlight of myself and former student Matt Forrest. My faculty spotlight above, extolling the importance of community building... VERY happy to see Matt Forrest get the spotlight treatment...Matt was one of my first graduate students at WVU, and is now an Assistant Professor of Art at... Continue Reading →

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