UPDATE…New work!

I have recently completed a series of prints for my solo show in the Greer Museum at the University of Rio Grande. The matrices for these prints were all made using the new laser engraver purchased for the WVU Printmaking Program. This new series dramatically expands on the work I started a year or two ago alphabetizing talk bubbles as a way to challenge our notions of meaning.

lupo 03

“Almost along, and it’s midnight.”, Laser cut intaglio, 9″x7″


“Be chance.”, Laser cut intaglio, 9″x7″



“Awhile.”, Laser cut intaglio, 9″x7″


“Be okay?”, Laser cut intaglio, 9″x7″


“Don’t going here?”, Laser cut intaglio, 9″x7″



“Around been boring”, Laser cut intaglio, 9″x7″


“A bum, I’m mister…”, Laser cut relief, 11″x8″


“Almost champagne…”, Laser cut relief, 10″x7″


“Can’t he help”, Laser cut relief, 11″x8″


“Pal?”, Laser cut relief, 10″x8″



“A get hey pool!”, Laser cut relief, 8.5″x12″


“Ear, flat foot!”, Laser cut relief, 10″x10″

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