Unsmoke Systems and Directangle in Pittsburgh…

Today was one of those days when I was able to spend the day in one of my new favorite places to be…Pittsburgh!

I am continually surprised by what this city has to offer. I had been anxious to go see the “Within/Without” exhibition at Unsmoke Systems and to see the new Directangle Press. My expectations were definitely met, and I had an absolutely great day!


My day started in Braddock…just look at this sign!


Unsmoke Systems is housed in an old Catholic school building. It is a really amazing space, and the Director and Organizer Jeb Feldman is also a really amazing person. I had a great conversation with him. Above is an old Swoon piece still standing on the side of the building…


The main floor has a gigantic gallery space. “Within/Whithout” was organized by Pittsburgh printmaker Lenore Thomas, and features some great work by Kevin Haas, Nick Ruth, Amze Emmons, and Sean P. Morrissey.


Above, Lenore Thomas prints…

From the website:

Within/Without brings together a group of artists concerned with the built environment and how it represents and defines human culture.  Curiosity, wonder, ambivalence, and critical reflection link these image makers in their efforts to highlight the mundane as an essential aspect of who we are.”



Sean P. Morrissey…


Amze Emmons…


Kevin Haas…


Nick Ruth…


Less than a mile away is the church that Swoon has been transforming over the last few years. It is far from done, but what has been done so far is really great!




Then it was onto Wilkinsburg to visit Directangle.


Josh Dannon runs Directangle, and this weekend he was running prints with Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.


Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. holding some prints that I took home with me. The room was filled with people and prints, and there was such a great vibe!


CAM02046 copy

Tip Type press is on the other side of the building, a shop that has been running since the 1950’s!


The place is packed with equipment and a LINOTYPE MACHINE! I never thought I would actually see a working linotype in person.





The end of the day took me to AIR for their annual fundraiser. And of course no trip to Pittsburgh is complete without a comics run. I started the day off at the dollar sale at New Dimension Comics in Ellwood City and made off with a bundle of comics!


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