Graduate Seminar…

This semester I am teaching the Graduate Seminar class for the School of Art and Design.

This class is designed for all of our grads to take, MFA and MA, and is centered around a theme. My theme this semester is “Conversations”. Every student is required to invite an interesting person to talk with our class.

Today was the first conversation, MA Art History student Sally Deskins invited Ryan Brown, Head Hardware Architect at Oculus. His company is working on new virtual Reality software and hardware. Great conversation!



Oct. 06 we met with Cynthia McIntosh, who is a color stylist for Disney Studios Television Animation…


Oct. 27 we met with Jerry McGonigle, WVU Professor of Acting/Directing/Director of Graduate Studies…


Oct. 29 we met with Chad Steve, Artist In Residence at the Armory Art Center in Florida…


Nov. 10 we met with Terry Nicholson the director of arts and culture, Toronto…


Nov. 17 we met with Jeremy Flick, Membership Director, Washington Project for the Arts…


Nov. 18 we met with Jared Gardner, Professor of English/Pop Culture at Ohio State University…


Dec. 11 we met with Michael O’Neill, Instructor of Photo, Art Institute of Charlotte, NC…


Dec. 15 we met with Alex Martin and Jessica Bingham, Directors of Project 1612 in Peoria, IL…


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