“Under the Blankets” exhibition…

Friday May 4th was the opening reception for the exhibition Under the Blankets – Printmakers Together, at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and presented by the Pittsburgh Print Group. This was a huge group show, and it was so great to be in an exhibition with so many other artists I admire. The volunteers from the Pittsburgh Print Group did a great job and worked really hard on organizing this exhibition. It all came together really well, and looked really great! The show runs through July 8th.

From the PCA Website:

“Under the Blankets – Printmakers Together is an exhibition of recent work by 29 Pittsburgh Print Group members and 29 invited printmakers from the tri-state region of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Participating PPG members chose a printmaker from an extensive list of accomplished artists to exhibit alongside the group, providing an opportunity for members to connect with exceptional printmakers in neighboring rust belt states.  This exhibit will forge a creative dialogue that expands artistic vision and strengthens the ties that bring printmakers, the broader artist community, and the public together.

Under the Blankets – Printmakers Together showcases a broad spectrum of printmaking techniques and approaches that include traditional silkscreen. intaglio, lithography, relief, letterpress, monoprint and monotype,  as well as installation, artist books, zines, and experimental prints that combine video, animation and sound.
Many of the prints in the exhibition focus on contemporary issues and global concerns, while other works explore personal and spiritual themes.”


You can see the line up for the exhibition in the image above, both the PPG Members and the regional artists they invited. Lots of familiar names on this list, and lots of really great printmakers! Below is just a small taste of the work shown tonight…

IMG_0648 2

Amze Emmons


Marc Snyder

IMG_0653 2



The WVU Printmaking program was well represented with alumni Jake Guzan


Another WVU Almun Jennifer Rockage McGhee

IMG_0650 2

And current WVU Printmaking Graduate Student Stephanie Alaniz

IMG_0655 2

Robert Howsare

IMG_0643 2

Arron Foster video and large installation below…

IMG_0657IMG_0642 2

Tugboat Printshop (Valerie Lueth)…

IMG_0637 2

Zach Fitchner


Sergio Soave

IMG_0632 2

Taryn McMahon

IMG_0629 2

Shelley Thorstensen

IMG_0634 2

Alexis Nutini

And if that wasn’t enough, there was a two person exhibition attached to this show as well! “Here is Something That You Might Like to Have” is an exhibition by the “Under the Blankets” guest curator and printmaker extraordinaire Imin Yeh and her partner Paul Mullins

IMG_0661 2IMG_0659 2

Imin’s trademark work of recreating everyday objects…

IMG_0658IMG_0665 2

Imin also walked the attendees through the entire PCA, talking about printmaking and asking some of the artists to speak a little about their work. This was a really great part of the night. Imin has a very specific way of talking about print, and while I have been familiar with her work previously, this was the first time I heard her talk about it.

IMG_0671 2

Stephanie Alaniz talking about her print in the exhibition…

IMG_0663 2

Attendees enjoying the work on display…

IMG_0668 2

A truly amazing night! Thank you to everyone who helped make this exhibition a reality!


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