“Focus on the Arts” Night…

Last night was “Focus on the Arts” night at North Elementary. Although I’ve done Arts Night events in the past, this year was a little more ambitious, and really fun! A group of students helped out this year and we produced silkscreens. North students seemed to have a fun time, and they appreciated the joy of making prints.


We set up four screens. Two screens had bright colors and patterns, two screens had darker colors and key images.


We then let students decide how many images to print and in what order. North is a pretty big school, so we had to be efficient to get everyone printing…



Easily one of the best expressions of the night, but I must say, this kind of excitement was definitely the norm. Seeing kids react this way is very inspiring, and is a reminder of how special printmaking can be.


The crew working. A BIG THANKS to WVU Printmaking students Allison Blair, Mateo Fuentes, Lindsay Toney, and Leslie Norris for helping out. This project couldn’t happen without their help.


Also a big thank you to North Elementary Art Teacher Sonda Cheesebrough for setting up ALL the events last night. The entire night was a success, and Sonda puts in a lot of work for her students with everything she does, we are luck to have her at North!


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