“NOT Approved by the Comics Code Authority TOO!”

My recent portfolio project “NOT Approved by the Comics Code Authority TOO!” is complete. This was a project created for the 2017 SGCI Conference in Atlanta, and it is the second “Comics Code” portfolio I have organized now. I had a great line up of artists who created some AMAZING prints for this portfolio, I can’t that them enough.

The premise of the portfolio is:

“Much of the history of American comics defined it as a secondary artistic medium. For example, the 1990 MOMA exhibition “High and Low” featured comics only as inspirational material, and not as artwork itself. Over the last decade, though, American comics have experienced a rise in interest and diversity. A generation of artists have grown up never knowing the stigma comics have had in the past. Because of this, a new experimental spirit exists in the independent and self-published comic world, breaking expectations and assumptions about what comics can and should be. But what about printmakers using comic sensibilities? How are they expanding expectations for referencing or appropriating comics? This portfolio seeks a diverse group of printmakers who use comic sensibilities in subtle, surprising, critical, or experimental ways.”

DSCN0577 copy

Tonja Torgerson

DSCN0590 copy

Brian Johnson

DSCN0602 copy

Emmy Lingscheit

DSCN0592 copy

Jon Irving

DSCN0574 copy

John Schulz

DSCN0583 copy

Aaron Coleman

DSCN0581 copy

Jamie Adams

DSCN0594 copy

Guen Montgomery

DSCN0600 copy

Neil Daigle Orians

DSCN0588 copy

Raphael Cornford

DSCN0598 copy

Ian Sampson

DSCN0570 copy

Sage Perrott

DSCN0595 copy

Brett Schieszer

DSCN0579 copy

Benjy Davies

DSCN0572 copy

Dave Menard

DSCN0586 copy



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