“NO PRESSURE” exhibition at Survival Kit Gallery…

I am very happy to say that my work will be included in “NO PRESSURE: THE FIRST EVER POWER WASHER ZINE EXHIBITION” curated by Anna Tararova and the POWER WASHER dynamic duo of Josh Dannin and Todd Irwin.


This exhibition features artists whose work has appeared in the Power Washer zine:

Ray Cross, Chris Dacre, Jeffrey Dell, Duncan Dempster, Melissa Dettloff, Leslie Diuguid, Drink ‘n Print (Kati Lacker & Keren Hasson Illustration), Amze Emmons, Bill Fick, Tate Foley, Haypeep (Sage Perrott), Jon Irving, JULMstudios (Jason Urban & Leslie Mutchler), Amos P Kennedy Jr., Marco Lawrence, Amanda Lee, Pat Lunch (Helen Ashton), Joseph Lupo, Kate McQuillen, Rebecca Morgan, Sonnenzimmer (Nadine Nakanishi & Nick Butcher), Tonja Torgerson, Breanne Trammell, Caroline Walp, & Steve Walters.

The show opens on June 21 and closes August 16, 2019.


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