West Virginia Invitational at the Juliet Museum…

This weekend was the closing reception for the West Virginia Invitational at the Juliet Museum in Charleston, WV. The exhibition was curated by Jessica O’Hearn and includes a good representation of WVU faculty (Michael Sherwin, Alison Helm, Shalya Marsh, Amy Schissel, and Shoji Satake) with West Virginia printmakers Zach Fitchner and Robert Howsare. There was lots of great work in general, and I am so grateful for being included in this show!


A few pieces of my most recent series of prints were exhibited…


Recent work by WVU School of Art and Design Director Alison Helm…


LOVE the recent work by WVU School of Art and Design gallery manager Shalya Marsh


Always a big fan of Robert Howsare’s prints…


And some recent work by West Virginia printmaker Zach Fitchner


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