“The Laser Printmaker” portfolio…

Below are images of the portfolio “THE LASER PRINTMAKER: MAPPING OVERLAPS BETWEEN PRINTMAKING AND LASER SYSTEMS” which was shown at the 2019 SGC International conference in Dallas.

It was organized by Dana Potter, an MFA candidate at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. This was a fantastic portfolio that I was really glad to be a part of.


About the theme, Dana writes:

“Postdigital, emerging technologies, and new media, to name a few, are vague terms used as catch-all funnels for print processes which incorporate laser-cutting, 3D printing, CNC routing, etc. The funnel metaphor, however, stanches fluidity between printmaking techniques and incorporated technologies. A re-imagined structure of these methods may be presented as tree roots with equal stems for laser systems as printmaking’s relationship with paper-making or book-arts. Laser technologies specifically build on similar conceptual questions brought up by printmaking: quality of technique, loss of aura in mechanical reproduction, the look and feel of the hand-made, and issues of physical and time-based labor.”

Contributing Artists:
Miguel Aragon, Denise Bookwalter, Noah Breuer, Tim Dooley, Myles Dunigan, Monica Farrar, Andrea Ferrigno, Andy Holliday, Joseph Lupo, Conor McGran, Adrienne Miller,
Sarah Pike, Dana Potter, Roberta Restaino, Hannah Smith, Brad Vetter, Aaron Wilson,
Jonathan Wright, Sangmi Yoo.


My laser cut intaglio print above…


BEAUTIFUL print by Sangmi Yoo


Miguel Aragon


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