SGCI 2019 in Dallas!

The annual SGCI Conference in Dallas concluded and was a success!


This year was the first time I chaired a panel titled “Critical Comics”. I was really lucky to have three great artists talk about their work and comics.


Trishelle Jeffery is an artist working in Salt Lake City. She makes mostly autobiographical work that utilizes comic visual language.


Jenny Schmid is a dynamo artist who lives and works in Minneapolis.


Raphael Cornford is an artist who lives in Bloomington, IN and runs Noise Gallery and publishes his own independent comics.



The room was packed! It was such a great turnout, everyone gave a great presentation!


I was able to see my work included in the “The Laser-Printmaker” portfolio that was shown during the conference…BIG THANKS to Dana Potter for inviting me to be a part of this and organizing the portfolio.


I was so impressed with the WVU Printmaking students for hosting their own mini-open portfolio! Their flight left before the end of the conference, so they organized their own event.


It was a huge success, students everywhere sharing their work and building their community! Great work everyone!!!!


There was actually a line in the hallway waiting to get in!


The demos were wonderful as always! Jeffrey Dell pulled back the curtain a little bit about how he makes his amazing silkscreens!


One of my all time favorite people Jerushia Graham gave a book making demonstration…


And of course, these two were there…Josh Dannon and Todd Irwin, creators of the Power Washer zine were printing sandwiches…


SUPER excited to meet Miranda K. Metcalf, the host of the printmaking podcast Pine, Copper, Lime.


I finally got to see some of Terry Conrad’s work in person…BEAUTIFUL!



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