Benjy Davies visiting artist…

Today we were so lucky to have a visit from Professor of Art Benjy Davies! Benjy teaches at the University of Rio Grande in Ohio. He brought his great sense of humor, kindness, and wisdom as he discussed his career making lithographs, taught us how to draw with sticks, and gave a demonstration about printing with Sintra plates. It was a jam packed day and it was so much fun! A BIG THANK YOU to Benjy for taking the time to share his knowledge with us! It is always such a great pleasure spending time with Benjy.



Benjy started his visit by showing us some of his amazing prints! Beautiful lithographs and wonderful drawings!


More prints…


He then showed us how to draw with sticks…something so simple, yet it really changes your perception of control.


Everyone getting into the act…this was so much fun!


BFA Printmaking student Mateo Fuentes getting into the action with a larger drawing on the floor…


Benjy also showed us how to print using Sintra…a material I hadn’t used since graduate school…


Benjy also showed us his daily drawing series, which has been going on for years now…and finished the day with giving me this amazing drawing! I was so touched, I really can’t thank him enough! What a truly wonderful day!


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