Printing at Skyview Elementary…

Today saw the completion of a two day relief printmaking workshop with students from Skyview Elementary this week.


On day one of the workshop, students drew images on paper with black marker.


I also brought two linoleum blocks already cut with some WVU Printmaking logos for students to print.


I then went back to the WVU printshop and laser cut those drawings into linoleum blocks. I brought those blocks, ink, rollers, and our little table top press to Skyview and we then printed those images on colored paper.


Students finding their blocks…


These blocks looked amazing, the laser cutter does such a great job of cutting a clean image into the linoleum…


Students getting all inky!


Students using the table top press…


And seeing the results are always magic!

These prints will be given to Skyview teachers during Teacher Appreciation Day! Thank you to Skyview and Skyview art teacher Kristen Muscaro for letting me take over for a few days. This was so much fun, and a new way for me to incorporate relief and the laser cutter into these kinds of elementary school workshops.




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