Art Basel Miami Beach (Day Three…)

Recently I traveled to Art Basel Miami Beach with WVU faculty and students this year. This is an opportunity that the Director of the WVU School of Art and Design Alison Helm has been pushing for years, and I am so glad that I was able to go.

There was SO MUCH to see! Art Basel Miami Beach really takes over much of the city, and there are tents and pop up venues in small hotels everywhere! I think the most difficult thing about attending Art Basel Miami Beach is trying to navigate which tents to visit and HOW MANY one can actually see in one day.


Fortunately, day three started out like the first two days…sunny and beautiful!


First we hit the “NADA” (New Art Dealers Alliance) tent…this was one of the smaller tents, but filled with really great work!


“Context” was next…which was one of the larger tents, but again, filled with really good work…


Fun to see some Jenny Holzer work, what isn’t fun is to see how politically charged artwork that is roughly 40 years old still holds true today…


There was a lot of really strong paper cut pieces in Miami this week, like this piece by Anila Quayyum Agha.


Carl Andre text piece…


A good amount of Haring and Basquiat on display in Miami…


Always a fan of Buzz Spector work…


I think this was an early Kehinde Wiley…


I’ve never seen this Yayoi Kusama in person before…


Also excited to see more paperwork using laser engravers! LOVE this Seckin Pirim piece…


And just like that it was over…so long Miami! I will try to remember your beautiful blue sky throughout the rest of my gray Appalachian winter…


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