Art Basel Miami Beach (Day Two…)

Recently I traveled to Art Basel Miami Beach with WVU faculty and students this year. This is an opportunity that the Director of the WVU School of Art and Design Alison Helm has been pushing for years, and I am so glad that I was able to go.

There was SO MUCH to see! Art Basel Miami Beach really takes over much of the city, and there are tents and pop up venues in small hotels everywhere! I think the most difficult thing about attending Art Basel Miami Beach is trying to navigate which tents to visit and HOW MANY one can actually see in one day.


Since it’s December, I thought I would start this post with some nice sunny pictures I took on day two…


Also found a Space Invader in the wild…


“Pulse” was the first text we went to on day two…positioned on the beach, this was a relatively small tent with some good work to see…


I noticed a lot of paper cut work throughout Miami…this piece was quite large by Rena Bransten.


Beautiful paper collage piece by Ambrosine Allen…


After lunch we went to “INK”…”INK” is print focused and took over a small hotel in the city…


“INK” has a very different feel with each hotel room representing a press or print-centric gallery…obviously, one of my favorite satellite venues…


Lots of GREAT Chuck Close work in various rooms…


Always a fan of Robert Longo work…


Really great to see many Glenn Ligon’s throughout the city…


Really curious print by Abraham Cruzvillegas…


I was really intrigued by this series of prints with a heavy embossment by Dario Escobar…


Always a sucker for interesting comic based work…print by Christian Marclay.


Super excited to see these prints by Laura Berman…


Also super excited to see these prints by artist Darius Steward, printed at Zygote Press in Cleveland…


Whew…two days down, one more day to cram in as much art as possible!


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