Visiting Artist at UNC Pembroke (PART THREE)…

Recently I was asked to be a visiting artist at the University of North Carolina Pembroke. The shop is run by printmaker extraordinaire Brandon Sanderson, who also runs an amazing visiting artist program. Additionally, this was the first visit I was able to share with a student. This visit wouldn’t have happened without current MFA Print graduate student Stephanie Alaniz leading the way. Thank you Steph! This was a great couple of days filled with critiques, printing, and lots of laughter!


This visit also allowed me to run my mini-comics workshop again…its been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to do this…


The ever expanding collection of mini-comics and self published comics…



Giving my short-short history of American comics…


During this workshop, students are challenged to cut up an old comic and create a new narrative…this challenges students to look at something that is considered complete and finite and force themselves to give it a new life…


Steph decided to do a reorganization of her comic…


All the faces, lined up in order of size…pretty awesome to see…


And the final results…we always make copies of everyone’s comics so each participant gets a copy…


Steph and I squeezed in an artist’s talk too…here Steph is laying out the work she brought…



Finally, I feel like I need to highlight Brandon’s personal studio space at his house…


Much like his shop at UNC Pembroke, Brandon does a great job of utilizing a small space…very well organized and very clean!


Look at those labels!


I thought this image was a great way of closing these posts…old masks up on Brandon’s studio walls…


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