Visiting Artist at UNC Pembroke (PART TWO)…

Recently I was asked to be a visiting artist at the University of North Carolina Pembroke. The shop is run by printmaker extraordinaire Brandon Sanderson, who also runs an amazing visiting artist program. Additionally, this was the first visit I was able to share with a student. This visit wouldn’t have happened without current MFA Print graduate student Stephanie Alaniz leading the way. Thank you Steph! This was a great couple of days filled with critiques, printing, and lots of laughter!


The days were filled with printing!


I ran a CMYK Silkscreen edition…first layer down.


I had great student help…


Two colors down, two more to go…



DONE! I couldn’t be happier with the way this came out!


Stephanie also ran prints during our visit…here she is drawing on “dueling stones” with Brandon…


Wash out…


First layer of her stone litho edition…looking REALLY good!


Split fountain layer on top…


Printing is complete, hand drawn layers inside the white circles to come later…looks amazing!


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