California State University, Stanislaus…(PART TWO)

On April 12th I spent three days at California State University, Stanislaus as a visiting artist.

Printmaker Marty Azevedo, who I first met when I was a visiting artist at Ohio State University, is building a really strong undergraduate program there. We printed three editions, gave crits, a lecture, and visited a local comic shop. All in all, I would say this was a very successful visit!


The second I walked into the shop, the screens were ready…

FullSizeRender 2


There were lots of students helpers, and we were ready to roll!



Created a new CMYK Silkscreen image for this print…


Test prints…


With all the help I had, printing went really smooth and FAST! We printed this edition of 25 prints in less than three hours! AND I still had two more days of printing…


So the next morning, I got to work designing a new print…


I miss our lunches at the food truck…


Sooooo good…we just can’t get food like this in Morgantown…


We ran a large CMYK and a smaller one too…


One color silkscreens printed on the last day…we ran three editions of 25 in all…pretty productive few days…


A rare picture of me giving a talk…I usually give talks during my visits, and I am always interested to know the reaction from students…I include information about what artists I was looking at for inspiration at the time and where my ideas came from, in order to give more of an educational talk rather than just a talk purely about my work…


Drawings of me from a student, not bad!


Because printing went so well, we were able to squeeze in some time at a local comics shop…


The key to any good comic shop? Lots of back issues, and lots of comics half off…


An early start in the shop Friday morning gave us an opportunity to watch the new Star Wars trailer more than a few times!


AND I got to peruse Marty’s comics he has stored in his office…

A BIG THANK YOU AGAIN to Marty, Andrew, and everyone at California State University, Stanislaus for a fantastic visit!


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