THE Ohio State University (part one)…

Last week I spent a few days in Columbus as a visiting artist at The Ohio State University. It was a really great visit, packed with critiques, a lecture, a visit to the Cartoon Research Library, and printing.

The OSU campus is so massive, and there was construction everywhere, it was an energetic feeling just to be there.


OSU Faculty Sergio Soave and Charles Massey were engaging and hospitable; and they should be very excited about the graduate students they have there right now. Keith Garubba was the one who really organized everything and led me around campus. Pete Morgan, Sarah Schultz, Jen Watson, and David Knox were the other print grads who helped print and showed me their work. They are a really supportive and energized bunch. I cannot thank them all enough for a really great visit. I left OSU feeling really excited and motivated.


Newly renovated art building, just one of the many construction projects on OSU’s campus.


I made a quick trip to the Wexner Center, and got to see a small bit of “The Clock“. A 24 hour video that appropriates real film clips that show the time, that also coincides with the actual time you are watching the video. It’s totally nuts.


The “Cartoon Research Library” conveniently located next to the Fine Arts Library…


Super nice people working at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library. Thank you to Jenny Robb, curator at the Library, for showing me some really amazing things.



Color separations of a weekly color comic…


“Pass on the love”…a somewhat sequential visiting artist poster…


Of course there is a “Comics Night”…


It is nice to see that all shops deal with the same problems…


I slipped into the printshop early Friday morning before students arrived to take some pics. They just moved their printshop into the main building and it looks great. Lots of space and light.




Stacks of stones…


Prints in the drying rack…


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