“Beyond Printmaking 5…”

Recent work of mine will be on display in the “Beyond Printmaking 5” exhibition at Texas Tech University.

The exhibition will open on March 25 through April 23, and there will be a symposium on March 24 and 25 2017.

“Beoynd Printmaking 5” was jrued by Patricia Villalobos Echeverria.

From the “Beyond Printmaking 5” website:

“Historically, printmaking has been considered not only as a visual means through multiples, but also as a pioneer of technology and new meanings. As technology changes ever more rapidly, many contemporary artists who originally started with printmaking as their primary medium are using interdisciplinary approaches to embrace the needs of our time.

As much as printmaking has been loved for its traditional resonance, its versatility applied in multimedia sees no limitations. In this 5th exhibition, we are looking for artists who have a vision of printmaking beyond the traditional practices, who push the technological and conceptual limits of what is considered printmaking.”



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