SGCI 2017…

The annual SGCI Conference was in Atlanta this year, and it was fantastic!

This year’s conference was gigantic, covering three campuses, SCAD Atlanta, Kennesaw State University, and Georgia State and lots of great programming to see! I had four official duties for the conference, a panel presentation, portfolio organizer, mentor, and I was asked to jury the membership portfolio exchange. It was a fun and eventful time!


The crew! Stephanie, Lydia, Olivia, Christina, Jake and Tessa! All trapped in a car with me for 10 plus hours…


Nathan Meltz coordinated “The New Print Curator” panel with myself, Emily Arthur and Sage Dawson presenting. It was an amazing panel, Emily and Sage gave really great presentations about their unique perspectives on curating. A big thank you to Nathan for asking me to be on this panel…


I will post more about this later, but I also organized a portfolio titled “NOT Approved by the Comics Code Authority TOO!” which was shown at the conference. This is an Instagram image I posted to give people a snippet of what to expect…more to come…


There was a University of Georgia Printmaking Alumni exhibition at Gallery 72 which was incredible! There were artists representing the last 40 years of printmaking at UGA, this was truly an honor to be included in this show.


Other artists included were: Ry McCullough, Joey Hannaford, Michael Levine, Tate Foley, Stephanie Smith, Stephanie Dotson, Robert Rivers, Mike Southern, Larry Cooper, John Amoss, Jennifer Anderson, Jennifer Manzella, Georgia Deal, Cynthia Lollis and Dani Deeg, Erin Hoffman.


Ry McCullough was printing zines on demand, lots of fun and a great idea!


I had a print also included in a “Turn of the Millennium” a portfolio organized by Cynthia Lollis and Dani Deeg. This exhibition also included alumni of the UGA Printmaking Program from 1997-2002…


Being back in Georgia allowed me to see some familiar faces…former WVU student Matthew Forrest is seen here…Matt was one of my first graduate students, and it has been years since I’ve seen him…he is currently teaching full time at Georgia College and doing a wonderful job there!


Matt and I went out for amazing grits and biscuits and gravy!


Great to catch up on some UGA people! One of my former professors Melissa Harshman, I went to UGA with Larry Cooper, he teaches at the University of Central Florida, and Carmon Colangelo, now Dean at Washington University at St. Louis…


Here I am with Carmon, and Cynthia Lollis, Ashley Worley, Dani Deeg…Cynthia, Ashley, and Dani all graduated from UGA my first year there…I hadn’t seen Ashley or Dani since they left Athens, it was really great to catch up with them…on the right is Joe Sanders, he was a printmaking faculty member at UGA during my time there…


There were also great demos, panels, and exhibitions to see…Amos Kennedy Jr. running prints…


Margot Ecke of Smokey Road Press


Great exhibition of prints from the SGCI Archives housed in Kennesaw State University…


And my students were there, participating and having a great time…third year MFA student Jacob Guzan at the open portfolio…


First year MFA student Stephanie Alaniz…


BFA student Lydia Taylor…Lydia will attend Kent State University next year for graduate school!


BFA student Kyle Irvin…


BFA student Luke Smith…


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