South African Signage and Images…

Over Thanksgiving Break, my family and I had an opportunity to visit friends in South Africa.

It was an amazing experience! While in South Africa, I had a chance to meet the two printmaking professors, Stephen Inggs and Fritha Langerman, at the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town.

This post is just a dumping of images and signage that I thought was funny or interesting. Not surprisingly, I often find it interesting to go to another place and see how they communicate their ideas.


Bar code design…





There were these small markets all over, and most of them were covered in Coca-Cola signage…


Power washer graffiti on the side of the highway…this was originally about rhinos killed by poachers, but was converted into a protest over miners recently killed…



Lots of baboon signage where we were…



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