“Nothing is Itself” at the Mine Factory…

Recent work of mine will be on display in the “Nothing is Itself” exhibition at the Mine Factory in Pittsburgh.

The exhibition runs from Nov. 12-26th with an opening reception on Nov. 12th.

From curator Kara Skylling:

“Nothing is Itself exhibits works across media by artist members of Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. Exhibited works highlight the making of ‘things’ as key to art and the artist’s practice, challenge traditional material processes creating the unexpected and utilize limitation of form and material resulting in complex visual relationships.

Exhibition has been curated by AAP Member Kara Skylling. Currently she is the Exhibitions Coordinator and Facilities Manager of Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University.

Featured Artists:
Haylee Ebersole
Lenka Clayton
Corey Escoto
Kyle Milne
Zhiwan Cheung
Deanna Mance
Don Gochenour
Liz Rudnick
Joe Lupo
Dana Ingham
Leah Patgorski

Cover photo
Lenka Clayton
63 Objects Taken From My Son’s Mouth”


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