Raw Draw…

On November 6th, I participated in a fundraising event titled “Raw Draw” at the Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center in Pittsburgh.

Over 40 artists from the area were invited to participate in this event. Artists were given roughly 90 minutes to create a drawing on a 11″x14″ sheet of paper. Those drawings were then auctioned off to the attendees. There was a great lineup of artists including Kim Beck, Mike Budai, Clayton Merrell, Maritza Mosquera, John Peña, and Susanne Slavick to name a few…

I was really nervous going into this, because I work slow, and making something on demand was a little intimidating. But it all worked out, and the event was such a good time. I am really glad to be a part of this. Thank you to the organizers of the event or asking me to participate.


“Raw Draw”…


We received a bag of goodies as we got ready for the event…


I decided to make a collage book, these were my tools for the night…


Everybody getting settled…


There was live music for the night, which was really great!


Things as they were progressing…it was a little hard to keep all my stuff organized in a little space…


Almost done, I had to rush to get it complete in time…the new story ended up being about a nightmare that a kid was having…like all nightmares, it ended with an atomic blast for no reason at all…


Book is complete!



Silent auction…


Mike Budai…


Susanne Slavick…


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