“La Hütte Royal”…

Before I participated in “Raw Draw”, I was able to get a tour of “La Hütte Royal” in Troy Hill in Pittsburgh.

Local collector Evan Mirapaul bought an abandoned house and commissioned German artist Thorsten Brinkmann to completely transform it. It is really hard to explain, and the pictures will not do this permanent installation justice. I need to thank Evan Mirapaul for taking the time to show me the house, it was an experience like none other.


The house looks like any other house from the street…


The front room…


More of the “record room”…


As you walk in the door, there is this thing…



Weird stuff in the basement…


Upstairs is split into all the really tiny rooms and hallways, it is VERY disorienting…but amazing to be in…


Another crazy thin hallway…


The rooms upstairs are so small, it was hard to get any good pics of them…



The house culminates in the attic, where there are these crazy hairdresser chairs and a video of the artist performing…it is a really odd experience…the oddest thing is walking out of the house and entering normal life again, it takes a few minutes to come back to reality.


An awesome part of this whole project is this “catalog” of the house…it is an old record jacket transformed into a catalog…



Inside is an actual record, and a booklet of pictures of elements of the house…really smart idea, really great take away from this experience…


Again, thank you to Evan Mirapaul…this was something!


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