WVU/U of Akron Student Print Exchange…

During the Fall 2015 semester, we organized a student print exchange with University of Akron Printmakers and Professor of Art Charles Beneke.

Although I only have a few pictures of the portfolio, everyone really made some fantastic work. All images are 11″x15″. The entire portfolio will go into their printmaking program print archives and a copy will go into the WVU print archives. I have tried to maintain some kind of exchange on a regular basis with other universities. It is such a great opportunity for my students to see the work that is happening at other institutions. Thank you so much to Charles and his students for participating in this wonderful portfolio with us.


WVU students collating portfolios…


WVU Undergrad Leslie Norris…


WVU Undergrad Jessica Poole…


WVU Undergrad Emily Londregan…


University of Akron Undergraduate student…


University of Akron Undergraduate student…


University of Akron Undergraduate student…


Always nice to receive a handmade note…


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