“CONJUNCTION” at Artists Image Resource…

On Oct. 23 West Virginia University School of Art and Design faculty held an exhibition during the 2015 SECAC Conference in Pittsburgh.

“CONJUNCTION” is the culmination of over 2 years of projects between WVU faculty and Artists Image Resource. Since 2013, all fifteen WVU studio faculty traveled to Pittsburgh to work with the wonderful printmakers at AIR. Many of them had never done this kind of project before, so it was my job to get the process started, try to make sure that projects were continuing, and see this whole thing through to the end.

It was such a great moment to see the exhibition come together. The work in this show is better than anything I could have expected to see, I am really proud of the way this all came together. A big thank you goes out to the studio faculty here at WVU for being willing to embark on such a project, thank you to Professor Kristina Olson who was the main WVU SECAC organizer for letting us do this during the SECAC conference, and to our Director Alison Helm for funding all this.


Conference attendees at the reception…



My project…


Sculpture professor Dylan Collins


Ceramics professor Boomer Moore


Ceramics professor Shoji Satake


Painting professor Amy Schissel (left) and Intermedia professor Jerry Habarth (right)


Director Alison Helm, front right and left, Sculpture professor Jason Lee back left, Photography professor Michael Sherwin back right…


Graphic Design professor Kofi Opoku


Intermedia professor Jeffrey Moser left, Graphic Design professor Joseph Galbreath right…


Painting professor Naijun Zhang


Graphic Design professor Eve Faulkes


Curatorial statement…


SECAC Fellowship winner Derek Larson also has work at AIR…


An example of Derek’s work…


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