Adventures in Design Podcast SUCCESS…AGAIN!

On Monday Sept. 29, Mark Brickey brought the Adventures in Design podcast back to Morgantown.

You may remember that back in 2012, we hosted an AID Podcast over SKYPE. This time Mark was actually in the building, with Pittsburgh poster legend Mike Budai. It was a short visit for Mark, but it was action packed. It was so great to see this all happen in person, and Mark and Mike had a wonderful conversation. Thank you to both artists for taking the time to be a part of the WVU Printmaking Program.



The Adventures in Design-mobile…making the trek from DC across the country…


Circle of Trust in full effect…


Students waiting anxiously for the start of the podcast…


Mark Brickey and Mike Budai getting ready…


The conversation starts…there was a great talk about professional goals and expectations, it was really enlightening…


Our man Chris Tingley made the trip back to the printshop to see the interview…


After lunch at Atomic Grill (yum…) Mark was gracious enough to stick around and give a SUPER educational talk about being an independent artist and all the risks and rewards that come with it.

Thank you again to Mark and Mike for coming to Morgantown and hanging out with us. It was so much fun and really educational as well…

I got a little Instagram shoutout from Mark…thanks Mark!



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