“Adventures in Design” podcast…

On Tuesday, Oct. 09th, the world famous Mark Brickey (of Hero Design Studio in Buffalo) and Billy Baumann (of Delicious Design League in Chicago) “stopped by” our Advanced Printmaking class to record an episode of their very successful podcast “Adventures in Design“.

Mark and Billy were with us digitally, and recorded what will be Episode 16 of their rapidly growing podcast. There was the usual banter between the two, but the really fun part was when they took questions from my students and gave advice about life as an artist and designer after school.

I have to thank the School of Art and Design for agreeing to host this event, and I have to thank Jerry Habarth, Associate Professor of Digital Media at WVU for doing ALL the work with our sound. We could not have done this without his help. And of course, thank you to Mark and Billy for giving us a few hours of their time and allowing us to be a part of their podcast.

I put up these pictures just so my students would know who is who…I also played a few episodes of the podcast in class so they would all know the deal…there are no clear pictures of Billy on the web…

Questions listed in order…

WVU graduate student Vlad Basarab helping set up our recording devices…

THE MAN, Jerry Habarth making sure the sound is just right…again, a big thanks to Jerry.

The troops getting ready…this is our Adv. Printmaking class…

Mark and Billy in all their glory! It was so much fun to see them and get a chance to interact with these two guys!

Intently listening to every word…

Chris Tingley asking a question…


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