School of the Art Institute of Chicago visit…

Over the Thanksgiving break, I caught up with Shaurya Kumar, Assistant Professor of Art at the SAIC.

We worked together as Executive Board members of SGC International, and haven’t seen each other in a while. So I was really excited to meet with Shaurya again, and see the studios of SAIC.


The school is housed inside the Art Institute of Chicago, you have to walk through the museum. A wonderful walk to work everyday to be sure!



Spacious studios for an urban campus for sure…


SAIC has separate Intaglio, Silkscreen, and Litho studios, but it sounds like the curriculum isn’t as distinctly divided.



The litho shop has this beautiful fake stone on the wall. It has a picture of Helen Frankenthaler and Tatyana Grosman working on a stone. I don’t know what is more wonderful the fake stone or the picture of these two greats working together!


Shaurya showing off some of his prints from China in his wonderful collection…


“It’s OK…” hey, we all do it…


GIGANTIC exposure unit…


SAIC also has an offset litho studio…really jealous!


Just ONE of their digital labs, this is the studio where they make positives…


Student work from the offset studio…


Something that is becoming more and more ubiquitous, the “tech shop”. Laser cutters and what not…


And when downtown, a trip to Graham Crackers is a must…


All in all, a great trip back to Chicago. Thanks Shaurya!

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