SGC International Panel Presentation…

Thursday, March 15 I will be presenting at the 2012 SGC International Conference in New Orleans. The panel  titled, “Reductive Navigation: Tracing the Influence of Comic Books Back to the Start”,  is organized by Andrew Kozlowski. I will be presenting with two very successful artists, Jenny Schmid and Daniel Maw.

Kozlowski describes the panel as:

“Printmaking’s lineage is one of dissemination, communication and storytelling; from historical prints of battlefields, or the landscape of Japan, to the long form stories of Frans Masareel, Lynn Ward, and William Hogarth, the capacity for narrative has permeated a significant portion of the subject of prints. Paired with a reduction of detail, a constraint associated with the development of commercial printing, it is no surprise that scores of contemporary artists, and printmakers in particular, remain influenced by this history of pictorial storytelling.

This session looks to artists working in print-media whose work shares a direct connection to comic books, and by extension the history of storytelling through pictures.  It seeks to understand the development of story telling; ponders the sweeping influence of comic books on a large population of artist printmakers; and begins to address printmaking as a vehicle to promote story, language, and history, seeing the legibility, corruptibility, and accessibility of images in contemporary culture as necessary to the development of local and regional styles and stories and key in the expansion of a world culture.”


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