Student Print Sale…

On March 2nd, WVU Printmaking students held a semi-annual print sale. Proceeds from the sale will be used to help these students pay for travel to the 2012 SGC International Conference in New Orleans.

I am glad to say that the sale was a huge success! There was a steady stream of people, the local news showed up, and even the mayor! We had about 8 students put work up for sale. Most visitors left with 3 or 4 prints under their arm. The success of this sale speaks not only to the quality of the work these students produced, but it also speaks to the interest and support of the people of Morgantown.

Thank you to Jeff Hindal, who helped us organize the event with 123 Pleasant Street, and thanks to everyone who showed up, and a special thanks to everyone who bought prints.

Local press for the event:

WVU Student paper:

Local channel 12 news:

Video on channel 12:

WVU wide press release:

Outside looking in at 123 Pleasant Street.

At one point, the place was so busy, you couldn’t walk around to see the work!

Kelsie Lilly…

Jeff Hindal: a good friend , WVU alum, and big supporter of our students! THANKS JEFF!

Chris Tingley…


Kelsie talking to the local news…

Happy customer, Brendan Sellaro walking away with an armful of prints!!!


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