I’m back from another SGC International Conference, and it was a total success.

My presentation was the first panel on the first day of the conference, and I thought it went really well. There was a full house, and people sitting on the floor! Andrew Kozlowski did a great job introducing the topic, Daniel Maw had everyone laughing, my talk was after Daniel (he was a tough act to follow) and Jenny Schmid tied everything together. I received very good feedback, and I appreciate everyone’s questions and those folks who stayed behind to talk.

The view from my side of the table. A PACKED HOUSE!!!

EIGHT WVU Printmaking students traveled to New Orleans this year. They drove 20 HOURS to get there, and they had a blast! It was the first SGCI Conference for most of them, and I have a feeling like they will be attending for some time. I also got to see some former students of mine, from WVU and from UGA.

Current student Brittany Ferguson showing her work at the open portfolio.

Former student Kasey Kesner, who now lives and works in Virginia.


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