Visiting Artist Emmy Lingscheit…

I am so very excited to announce the return of our in-person Lost Arrow Master Printmaking Series in Memory of Joe Hestick!

Emmy Lingscheit, Associate Professor of Printmaking at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign spent three days in the WVU printshop interacting with students and making work!

Printing an edition of prints is the major component of any Lost Arrow Master Printmaking Series visit, and Emmy did not disappoint! Lots of prep work and printing for a beautiful multi-color screen print. So great to see WVU printmakers checking screens, tearing paper, and helping print!

The end product above! Absolutely beautiful! Emmy has such a magnificent way of working with transparent color and layering.

Plus presentations to our intro to silkscreen class with a visit from foundations students, a public presentation in our lecture hall, and more discussions with friends of the School of Art and Design.

And there was time to squeeze in a few critiques with students.

One more big thank you to Emmy for such a wonderful visit and for making time to be here with us! Your ideas and your work has had an impact on us all and our shop will never be the same! Thank you!


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