Visiting Artists Leslie Norris and Mateo Fuentes…

It is no exaggeration to say that Leslie Norris and Mateo Fuentes gave THE BEST talk yesterday! Obviously our visiting artist program has been moved into the virtual realm this semester, but that didn’t negatively impact Leslie and Mateo from giving an amazing talk.

Mateo Fuentes and Leslie Norris, two of my favorite people of all time!

Being a virtual talk gave me the opportunity to share this lecture with students and alumni from all over the country! It was so great to see some familiar faces on this day.

Some of Mateo’s work…

Then it was Leslie’s turn to share her work…

Then the lecturer turned to more professional practices and advice, which was amazing! We got to see their print set up in their home…

And they gave so much information about very practical things, like pricing artwork and finding multiple streams of income. Information that every artist needs to hear, but rarely are they openly discussed.

I cannot thank Leslie and Mateo enough for being so generous with their time, their work, and their professional insights. Everyone learned so much! It was really incredible! Thank you! And Leslie and Mateo, keep up the great work!!!! SO inspirational!!!!!


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