Nicole Hand visiting artist…

I am so excited to post pictures from our second artist coming to WVU under the “WVU Master Printmaking Series in honor of Joe Hestick” funded by Beth Hestick. Nicole Hand is the Assistant to the Dean and Professor of Art & Design at Murray State University. She is also a master at Intaglio printmaking.

During her visit, Nicole created an edition of 30 multi-plate intaglio prints, gave critiques with undergraduate and graduate students, and presented her work to the public. I cannot thank Nicole enough for taking time out of her extremely busy schedule to share her work and insights with us.



Nicole’s visit started with a short demo and printing in the Intro to Intaglio class…above undergraduate student Griffin Nordstrom works on inking a plate…


Students looking at a proof and discussing the results…


Third year MFA student Feliks Pyron (left) talks about a print hot off the press with Nicole (right)…


Everyone hard at work, undergraduate student Bert Battista (left) and first year MFA student Hanna Kesty (right) inking up plates…


Undergraduate student Michael Parsons working alongside Nicole…


BEAUTIFUL multi-plate prints ready to dry…


Two of the three plates printed for Nicole’s edition…


Our new sign, telling everyone about Nicole’s talk on Thursday afternoon…


The litho shop was packed with people! We might need stadium seating for next year..


Reception after, food from Black Bear of course!


Nicole talking about her work with long time supporter of the School of Art and Design Alison Deem…


The informal talk after the talk…


Everyone having a great time!


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