“Witness” at G1/CW…

My work was included in a group exhibition titled “Witness”. A five-person exhibition featuring Pittsburgh Print Group members Casey Connelly, Katie Kaplan, Adam Linn, Laura Zurowski, and myself in collaboration with G1/CW gallery in Pittsburgh.

The exhibition was curated by Aaron Regal, from his curatorial statement:

To bare witness is at the fundamental core of an artist’s practice – a witness offers an assumed certainty and reliability. The works included in this show offer a glimpse into the realities of five artists exploring their role as both observer and participant. This exhibit recounts their certainties, questions, identities, surroundings, and histories, providing documentation and narratives that are both deeply personal and inherently shared among all of us.”


Signage for the exhibition with the AMAZING poster designed by Katie Kaplan…


We had a great turnout to the opening reception…


Katie Kaplan’s amazing banners and printwork…


Casey Connelly’s CMYK prints…


Adam Linn…


Examples from Laura Zurowski’s Mis-Steps project…


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