“In Plain Sight: Rediscovering Appalachian Cultural Identity” at Mylan Park Elementary…

“In Plain Sight: Rediscovering Appalachian Cultural Identity” was a semester long collaborative project with teachers from Mylan Park Elementary and community members funded by a West Virginia Division of Culture and History STEAM grant.

This project included many different instructors and artists who made multiple visits with students. This project had a few major learning elements:

1. Students did research into West Virginia artist Blanche Lazzell and other aspects of the culture of region of Mon County where Mylan Park Elementary is located.

2. Students learned about writing traditional Appalachian music and printmaking.

3. Students created video presentations about their research into the culture of the region and created prints inspired by Blanche Lazzell.


My portion of the project was focused on teaching students about the different printmaking processes…


There was a relief printing demonstration, you can kind of see the press in the middle of this picture…


And there was a silkscreen demonstration…every student was also able to make their own silkscreen print…


The other aspect of the project was getting Mylan Park Elementary students into the printshop to print t-shirts and posters for the “Arts in the Park” event at Mylan Elementary…”Arts in the Park” is the culmination and showcase of all the elements of this project…


T-shirt printing by students of the design made by Mylan Art Teacher and former WVU Printmaking student Leigh Felty…


It is always a ton of fun to get kids into the printshop…a big thank you to everyone at Mylan Park Elementary for asking me to be a part of this project!



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