Printmaking workshop at the West Virginia Botanic Garden…

On Sunday I had the pleasure of conducting a printmaking workshop with the West Virginia Botanic Garden. A few months ago, we talked about expanding the opportunities offered at the WVBG. I’ve done so many different workshops and demonstrations with K-12 students, I thought this was a great chance to expand printmaking opportunities to the residents of Mon County.


Before the workshop, I cut a bunch of natural shapes out of plexi…participants were able to focus on color and composition, and not worry about drawing or representation…


Fresh off of the sintra workshop Benjy Davies conducted at WVU, I also brought along some sintra for students who wanted to make their own quick drawings…


As I said earlier, I haven’t conducted many workshops with adults before, so I wasn’t sure how this would all go down…but i was totally impressed with the way everyone jumped right in…


The basis of the workshop was to get students to not worry about each individual print and generate a lot of work…this is usually NOT a problem with K-12 students, and I thought adults would also jump right in…but to my surprise, the adult students were more deliberate with their decisions and less experimental…


They still generated A LOT of work!


I think we had a lot of fun, and i think everyone learned a thing or two about printmaking. Thank you to everyone at the WV Botanic Garden for asking me to do this, I had a blast!


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