“Me, You, and a Few of Our Friends” at Georgetown College…

My work is included in the print portfolio and exhibition “Me, You, and a Few of Our Friends” at The Anne Wright Wilson Gallery in Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky.

The exhibition runs from August 22-September 22 and features the work of some good printmakers:

James Ehlers (Associate Professor of Art, Emporia State University)

Joseph Lupo (Associate Professor of Art, West Virginia University)

Arron Foster (Artist and Educator at Kent State University)

Jakob Lee (BFA University of Kentucky, MFA Candidate at University of Iowa)

Daniel Graham (Associate Professor of Art, Georgetown College)

Andrew Kozlowski (Assistant Professor, University of North Florida)

Rose Briccetti (Lecturer in Art & Teaching Fellow, University of California, Santa Barbara)

Nicole Andreoni (Adjunt Faculty, University of North Florida)

Jake Lahah (Practicing Artist in Richmond, VA)

Edith Skeard (Curator/Director at Hague Gallery, Canada)

Katie Loesel (Printmaking Instructor, Burlington City Arts and Champlain College, Burlington, VT)

Mike Marks (Printmaker, Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Melissa Harshman (Professor, Area Chair – Printmaking and Book Arts Department, Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia)

Amy Sands (Assistant Professor of Art, Metropolitan State University)

Ricardo Vicente Jose Ruiz (Practicing Artist in Richmond, VA)

Elizabeth Elich (Working Artist in Saskatchewn, Canada)

Sam Orosz (Working Artist in St. Paul, MN)

Brian Hoad (Working Artist in Kingston, Ontario)

Michelle Martin (Professor of Printmaking, University of Tulsa)

Matthew Hanson-Weller (Primordia Print and Picture)

Stephanie Dotson (Artist and Educator, Santa Barbara, CA)

Joletta Thorburn (Working Artist in the United Kingdom)

Bobby Rosenstock (justAjar Design Press, Marietta, OH)

Dustyn Bork (Associate Professor of Art, Lyon College)

Joseph Lappie (Peptic Robot Press)

Molly Kaderka (Artist and Educator, Rhode Island School of Design)

Nicole Geary (Artist and Educator, Southwest School of Art, Northwest Vista College)

Lisa Wicka (BFA, University of Central Florida & MFA, Purdue University)


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