BOPARC summer printmaking…

This summer I was asked to teach a week long printmaking class for our local park district, BOPARC. This was an exciting opportunity, I have been trying to find more opportunities to bring printmaking to younger artists for a while now. During the workshop we focused on a different project each day, mostly using relief.

The kids in this class were great, I was really lucky! I learned a lot through this experience, and I hope to bring this new knowledge back for another week long class next year.


Day one we made our own sketchbooks and printed the covers…



Day two we used the press to make repetitious patterns…


We also marbled paper with shaving cream and food coloring…


Day three was one of my favorite days…We printed cityscapes using photos I took of some of the buildings in Morgantown…It was really great to see the kids try to get all the details in their drawings.


Day four we created seasonal images for July and August calendars…


On the last day we made monotypes and portfolios to take all our projects home in!


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