Solo show at Artists Image Resource…

On Friday October 7th, I opened an exhibition of new work at Artists Image Resource in Pittsburgh.

This latest series of prints alphabetizes certain word balloons from this comic in order to make absurdist statements referencing William Burroughs and the “cut up technique” and DADAIST poetry. The show featured new CMYK silkscreens, relief prints, and large scale digital prints on vinyl banners. A big thank you to AIR Director Robert Beckman and everyone at AIR for helping make this exhibition a success!


Getting ready to install the work…These large scale banners measure roughly 60″x70″ in size.


A view of some of the work during install…


CMYK Silkscreens and banners…


Signage at AIR…


Great to see some Pittsburgh friends I don’t get to see on a regular basis…thank you to everyone who came out to the show.


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